Aug 6, 2009

Summer Fun

Dax has been doing really well sleeping at night, and taking good long naps during the day. It definately makes life a little easier when we aren't all so tired! I switched Dax to formula and he is much happier and definately starting to fill out! Everytime I put him down for a nap he is in the totally opposite position of how I left him. Even at night when we bundle him tight in the swaddler he gets out and flips all around. I think that's why his hair is falling out on the crib. He starts out on his back and wakes up in the corner with his face in the bumper on his tummy. Today I noticed a little rash on his cheeks from rubbing his face on the sheet. I can't believe how active he is and how much he has grown. When we put him on his tummy he moves his arms and legs and looks like he is swimming. I try to show him to put his but in the air and crawl but he doesn't quite get that yet!
We are loving our house and the ward here is THE best! Before I met Ryan I had never even heard of Mapleton. I sure do love it though ,and we have some of the best neighbors and friends here!

In the Morning when we come downstairs for breakfast Dax likes to hang out in his bumbo and watch me make breakfast. He likes to distract me from getting anything done!!

Lately Dax doesn't love to lay on the ground and play. He likes to be up and seeing what is going on. Sometimes when I set him on his bum he locks his knees and tries to stand while i'm holding him. He sticks his little bottom lip out, I don't know where he got this from. He has done it since day one! I think mom is a little camera happy and he gets sick of it. You can tell by the look on his face.

July 24th Ryan's family always goes to the spanish fork rodeo. We took Dax and he did really well. It was a little noisy but we almost made it through the whole thing. He can't wait to do the muttin bustin in a few years!

we went up to Logan last week for a little family reunion with my dads side of the family. It was so fun for everyone to meet Dax and for us to get to see them! We had a bbq with my moms family that night in Logan. My aunt Denise is a great cook. Ryan really knows what he is missing out on after eating there!
Dax was worn out from the day and passed out right on the arm of the chair while playing with aunt Camber.

Darrin is the best uncle!! He loves Dax so much!! We are so very proud of Darrin and the choices he is making in his life! After a trip to China, Paris and Germany this summer he is headed away to college! He was offered scholarships from a number of different Universities after graduation. He decided to accept Utah State Universities offer and go there majoring in Chemistry. He's pretty excited to go to the same school my dad graduated from. After the fall semester Darrin will be returning home for Christmas and then preparing for his mission in January!! Although I am just so excited for him and really proud, It is a little bittersweet to see him grow up and leave home. But I know he will Do amazing things with his talents! He is the best brother in the world. He really is so good with Dax when his sisters and mom give him a turn! ;) Darrin has a great heart. We love you bud!

We stayed at my grandma Layne's house and so did Tara's family. Little Hannah (angelica) wanted to hold cousin! It is so much fun to see our kids together. We never get a great picture of the two of them. It usually turns into an action shot. Hannah is quite the little mother to Dax and likes to "pet" him as well! Tara, I can't wait for you to have more kids for Hannah to pet and take care of! He took a bath at Denise's house and I didn't have any pj's for him. Kiley let him borrow a cheerleading t shirt to wear to bed though!

Let me fix your hair for the picture!!!

Hannah looks 2 going on 14 in this picture! Dax is pretty good to hang out with and happy to have the attention!

My friend jana brought her jumper over for Dax to try. He looked so cute in it! He didn't jump a ton, but he walked around and would tap his foot. I loved it.

Jana's little boy Dylan is 8 months old. Dax and Dylan are cute little buddies! Jana got them matching sun glasses and I think it is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! They both wore them really well and grinned and talked like they were the coolest kids on the block! Were so glad they live so close to us so we can have some friends nearby!

Dax was just chillin while I put some new sheets on his bed the other morning. I love to get him out of bed in the morning he is so happy and cuddley!

Jul 21, 2009

Worlds longest post!

Dax is growing and changing so SO fast! I take millions of pictures and then it takes me forever to get them to my blog! So there is quite a bit here The pictures really date back to the weekend of the 23rd of may. Just to sum it up- the weekend of my birthday we went to st. george to do some swimming and boating.It was Dax's first time at all of this and he did so good! When we first put him in the pool he just kicked and kicked and kicked! He loved it, so we swam a few times that weekend. At the lake he was so cute and happy, he slept most of the time because the motion of the boat put him right to sleep. We also went down south for the 4th of july to swim and boat. It was lots of fun to see the fam and just have a good time. There are also just a few pics from our days at home!
Our little man has been so smiley and silly lately! He talks to me and has a pretty loud voice. He also has this happy squeel that he does and it is so funny! He is rolling front to back and back to front, but does front to back the best. When I try to get him to sit up by himself he locks his knees and goes to a standing position( i'm holding his hands). If I put him on his tummy he tries to do this funny little army crawl but hasn't quite figured out he needs his feet on the ground not just his knees. He really knows me and Ryan and follows our voices around the house. I love it when Ry comes home and starts talking because Dax looks for him the second he hears him. Dax is very active and kicks and moves his little arms constantly!

My most favorite thing that Dax does is when I sing him a little song to put him to bed at nap time as soon as I finish he puts the binkie on the side of his mouth and coos back to me like he is singing me a song, His little voice is so sweet! It melts my heart and I am so happy to be his mom!

I know I put so many pics of Dax just getting out of the tub or in the tub, but I just think he is so cute!

We spent the 4th with my family in STG. Had a little bbq, did some swimming then off to the fireworks. Ryan is pretty into little Dax, their pals! It was so funny when Ry had Dax on his shoulders and turned around and you could see Dax's little tummy and butt! Those two are quite the pair! Dax loves his dad and is always so happy with him!

We went to a park outside the sunbowl to watch the fireworks, This was the first year we all decided to be a little matchy matchy. None of the boys decided to partake in the madness, but poor Dax did not have a choice.

A little more swimmin on the 4th, this was the second time we took him in the pool and he was even more excited about it, Dax is so active he is constantly kicking and moving his arms and squirming, I love it! Its so much fun seeing him grow and learn new things!

Me and Tara were so excited to do cousin pictures this year! We tried getting Hannah to hold Dax, but he did't like the grass and they started to fall over backwards, it was the funniest thing.

Hannah was sporting this teeny bikini! It was so cute. She was giving Camber some directions here, we know who's boss!

I have the best sisters in the whole world! They have been coming up to my house as often as they can this summer to spend time with me and to help me with Dax. They are the best babysitters ever!We took Dax up to the farm to get some potatoes. When Camber took him by the horses he just sat there and stared!!ha ha

This picture might look like Im a bad mom ,but it is actually really funny. Whenever I put Dax on his boppy for tummy time he pushes so hard with his little feet that he goes right up and over the top, he is then stuck with his feet in the air and he looks like a fish out of water. I had to get a pic of it so I put him on the boppy with Camber in front of him and sure enough as soon as I put him down he did it!

Check out those Bicepts!! ha ha

Me and Dax went to watch Ry play softball this year. It was a little cold at the games so we had to be all bundled up. When I put him in his stroller he no longer likes to lay down, he has to be sitting straight up and seeing whats going on.

This was Dax's first time at the lake, he was such a happy camper and actually did pretty well wearing his life jacket! Hannah is getting pretty brave for a 2 year old and riding the tube and the waverunners!

Hannah is so cute, she always wants to get her little hands on (cuzin) That is what she always calls Dax!

First time in the pool with mom and dad!

This was taken with one of Dax's favorite aunts a few months ago at Darrins graduation.

Jul 13, 2009

Dax's blessing June 7th 2009

I am such a slow blogger!! We blessed Dax on June 7th in our home ward in Mapleton Utah. Ryan gave him the most beautiful blessing. We planned on having a brunch across the street from our house at a little barn pavillion, but it rained and rained the night before and sunday morning. So we had to move it inside my house! I was so nervous to have 50+ people in my new house but it worked out just perfect! We are so blessed to have Dax in our lives and so many wonderful people.

Grandpa and Grandma Simmons

Great Grandpa and Grandma Simmons

Great Grandpa and grandma Layne( G-pa layne says he has always been a great grandpa! haha)

Grandpa and Grandma Snow

Happy Birthday to Me! We celebrated my 23rd birthday in St. George with my family, my mom made an awesome ice cream cake! Ryan made me wait all day long for my gift and it was so worth the wait!! A trip to Maui in september!!